Irish music

Saturday, June 15 | 15:30

La Scène

Free admission

Friday, June 14 | 20:00

Club5 (Caves du Manoir)

CHF 25.-

Reservations : or 027 721 22 30

This Is How We Fly  (Ireland)

This is How we Fly is an Irish band that brings together four musicians inspired by different cultures and musical vocabulary. For these artists, it is not enough to master their art, but they are redefining and renewing their musical universe. The band is composed of a sublime Irish violinist who is not afraid to break conventions; a graceful tap dancer from the Appalachians; a Dublin jazzman who crosses the barriers of the musical genre; as well as a Swedish percussionist who redefines the melodic and acoustic place of the drums within the traditional song.


Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh: violin and Hardanger fiddle
Seán Mac Erlaine: clarinet and electronics
Nic Gareiss: percussive dance
Petter Berndalen: drums and percussion

Festival of 5 Continents
June 14–16, 2019
Place du Manoir, Martigny, Switzerland